Document and Records Management

Over the past ten years, OBS has helped hundreds of organisations across Australia utilise Microsoft SharePoint to provide rich document and records management capabilities, and to integrate SharePoint with existing investments.

We have the extensive experience needed to successfully implement document management within SharePoint.

Our people are experts in their field and are renowned for being passionate, easy to work with and flexible in their approach.

Our innovative nature is demonstrated through our commitment to develop the i5 Records Management solution.

i5 Records Management solutions extends SharePoint to meet Australian compliance requirements, and to integrate with third party records systems, quickly and easily.

Solutions Delivered:

  • Enterprise Records Management
  • VERS Compliance
  • SA Records Compliance
  • Education Records Management
  • Records Archiving
  • Quality Management
  • SharePoint Governance

Business Benefits:

  • Meeting compliance obligations
  • Improving responsiveness both internally and to customers
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Reducing IT costs through consolidation of records platforms
  • Reducing risk of data loss
  • Improving quality processes
  • Finding information quickly and easily