Business to Employee Solutions

At OBS we believe great technology plays an important part in being a great place to work. Organisations who view information as an asset, and have people who use information to create knowledge, also need to ensure their employees are switched on.

Employee engagement is pivotal in helping your team to be present and productive. We focus on tools that support memorable work experiences from day one, provide genuine focus on career development and support the alignment of company goals and immediate feedback.

Employee engagement solutions we can help you with include:
- Organisational alignment
- Effective teaming
- Process Automation & Reminders
- Uncovering people and expertise
- Engaging the extended workforce
- Feedback and surveys

OBS have been helping customers use technology to transform the way their employees engage with their businesses for the last 13 years. This experience has shown us just how powerful Business to Employee solutions can be using SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure to provide cost effective platforms that drive efficiencies within business.

We help organisations:
- Use their information assets to reduce risk, develop insight, align culture and support compliance;
- Promote more efficient processes, stop re-inventing the wheel and do more with less time, less money and less resources to     achieve higher performance goals;
- Promote brand and marketing outcomes;
- Support and leverage existing investments in Microsoft platforms