Like any foundation, it is critical that the Infrastructure for a software project is designed and implemented according to best practises and with full consideration for what the future may hold. It is during this critical phase of an implementation that decisions will be made that potentially impact the organisation from a cost and service delivery perspective, for decades to come.

OBS was founded on a strong reputation for designing and implementing Microsoft Infrastructure solutions for some of Australia’s largest organisations, including BHP and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria. As pioneers in Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, OBS has continued to develop its Infrastructure expertise to build world class solutions using products such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Forefront and Microsoft Systems Centre.

Our team of Infrastructure specialists all have extensive experience in not only designing and implementing Microsoft systems, but in managing and providing ongoing support. Our approach ensures that what we build will be reliable, secure, easy to maintain and most importantly, designed to cater for the needs of tomorrow.
Our infrastructure services and solutions include:
  • Active Directory Account Provisioning Solution
  • Architecture for Active Directory, SharePoint and Exchange
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Services Orientated Architecture design
  • Single Sign On
  • Support
  • Desktop Zero Touch