Governance and Adoption

Governance has become an increasingly important factor in business and IT decision making. An organisation's 'governance' is usually a set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that help provide the structure that an organisation needs to achieve business and IT goals.

Features of SharePoint 2010 that can assist in good organisational governance:

1. A new service application architecture that replaces the SSP model

2. Backup and restore improvements

3. Multitenancy, which creates a true hosting environment and makes it possible to share service resources across customers while partitioning data based on site subscriptions.

4. Managed accounts that automate password changes.

5. Windows PowerShell, the new command-line interface and scripting language that was designed specifically for system administrators.

For effective and manageable SharePoint 2010 solutions, organisations should also consider:

Customisation policy: To support customisation while controlling its scope, a customisation policy should address:

  • Approved customisation tools
  • Ways to manage source code and standards for documenting the code
  • Development standards
  • Testing and verification standards
  • Required packaging and installation methods
  • Kinds of customisations supported

Branding: A formal set of branding policies helps ensure that sites consistency use enterprise imagery, fonts, themes and other design elements. For example in SharePoint 2010, you can import a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 theme directly into a SharePoint site, which automatically applies the theme to all subsites.

Training: By training your user community appropriately, you can increase the satisfaction of the SharePoint experience within your organisation and reduce support costs.

OBS has a depth of experience in implementing Governance and Adoption strategies across a diverse range of industries and circumstances.