Information Management Core Themes

OBS are leaders in Information Management (IM) strategy development and consulting that supports the execution of an organisation’s business plan by leveraging information and business processes to support effective decision-making.
OBS's Information Management Approach helps business transform their information into knowledge so that they can identify opportunities that create or add real value.
OBS has extensive experience helping organisations navigate the business and technical complexity of managing information within an enterprise level technology platform that leverages Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Office 365 or third party Microsoft applications, including RecordPoint and HP TRIM.
As SharePoint has matured from a departmental application to an Enterprise platform, rich in features and functionality, so organisations have struggled to accurately identify the core purpose and business value they are looking to realise from it. In OBS’s experience there are three common themes that organisations are looking to SharePoint to help solve:
OBS is skilled in helping different Information Management stakeholders define their objectives and then design an achievable roadmap. Examples of the common stakeholder priorities are:
  • Consolidate IT platforms and reduce duplicated capabilities across competing platforms to provide a single, integrated records management platform.
  • Centrally secure and easily accessible information to improve business efficiency and staff productivity.
  • Be better prepared for legal discovery or audit by capturing and managing business records for life.
  • Improve user engagement and adoption of the records management system, aligned to international records management standards or regulatory compliance requirements.