OBS takes on TRIM integration
13 February 2013
OBS has moved to broaden its offerings for records management in SharePoint with the addition of support for HP TRIM.

OBS will support TRIM records management for SharePoint in addition to its own locally developed records management product, i5.

Desmond Russell, National Solutions Specialist OBS explained the move was in response to the demand from many existing TRIM users to adopt SharePoint as a user-friendly front end.

“OBS core strength is around consulting and implementation skills around the SharePoint platform, whether its CRM, intranet, document management or records management.

“Where its a SharePoint-only site we will implement i5, but there are many new SharePoint users who want to integrate with an existing implementation of HP TRIM.

“The latest edition of HP TRIM 7.3 works well with SharePoint to help drive user adoption of records management by making it easier and less evasive for users.

“We’re not there to sell TRIM RM licenses, we’re there purely to focus on the SharePoint integration.
“The partnership will provide HP TRIM customers with extensive access to OBS’s national SharePoint and information management consulting services. OBS expects to grow HP TRIM’s existing customer base by supporting customers in integrating the two technology platforms to deliver a greater return on their investment.”

“Together with this announcement we have launched a program, HP TRIM Readiness Assessment and Strategy (RAS), to help customers set a vision and strategy roadmap for the HP TRIM SharePoint modules. The program will help clients deploy and evaluate the HP TRIM SharePoint solution and determine the readiness of their SharePoint information environment.”

Murray Harding, Director of Partner Business HP Information Management, welcomes the addition of OBS to the HP IM Partner Eco-System. “I am extremely excited by our new partnership and the SharePoint expertise OBS brings to our combined solution. Information management is one of HP’s three key strategic initiatives and I look forward to OBS aligning to execute on this and share in our mutual success.”

To find out more information about the HP TRIM Readiness Assessment and Strategy Package, click here.