Microsoft SharePoint 2013 preview is now available
27 July 2012
The recently announced SharePoint 2013 Preview has been highly anticipated and having done preliminary testing and research, we wanted to take the time to brief you on some of the benefits we’ve found including:

- A new and simplified user experience; making it more intuitive and easy to use;
- A SharePoint app store; allowing users to add new applications from the web or corporate networks;
- Social features; get real notifications of what's happening on a site including following documents, following sites, and following people.  

While the release date for SharePoint 2013 is a considerable way off, in order to achieve a pain free upgrade, it is advised that an assessment of how users are currently working with SharePoint. This can be achieved by performing an audit of your current environment to determine key users, sites, wiki’s and documents. 

An especially critical consideration of any upgrade is the impact of user adoption and change management where a governance plan and roadmap of new features to be implemented should be outlined.
Once your architectural model for upgrading the current environment with new SharePoint 2013 servers can be designed, which can then be used to determine budget for hardware and storage.

To help with this, OBS is ran a joint webinar with AvePoint on Governance in August. The recording is available here, which will be able to assist you in preparing for SharePoint 2013. 

Should you want further information about how we can help you get ready, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help transform your business.